KCN Chief's Response to News Article on Status Indians Face Threat of Extinction

Submitted by john.dorion on Thu, 04/13/2017 - 16:18

Hey Dale, I agree with your assessment on this issue, because our ancestors were promised during the Treaty 5 negotiations at Cumberland Island in 1876, that our rights would last as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the rivers flow. In other words, our rights should have lasted forever.

I also know that the Indian Act was never part of the Treaty our ancestors agreed to. For that reason, where did Indian Affairs get its authority to take over our Cree Nation citizenship, and replace it with Indian Status and the Indian Act.

It’s important to realize that the Indian act is racist, and it was designed to take over all of our lands and resources, and to forever terminate all the rights of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. It has to go.

Furthermore, where did they get the authority to extinguish our Sovereignty and inherent rights to our lands and resources. The creator gave us life as Cree people, and he also gave us our right to self-determination.

As a matter of fact, they disrespected our ancestors by lying to them, and not following through on their Treaty 5 promises and obligations.

What is perplexing to me is the silence of the First Nation leadership on this issue, even though our Prime Minister has promised to work with us on a Nation to Nation basis to deal with unfinished Treaty business and Indian Treaty issues. What are they waiting for?

My understanding of this new relationship is that the Prime Minister is prepared to recognize our Nationhood which includes our citizenship rights. If that happens, then we decide on who can become a citizen of the KCN people, instead of Indian Affairs in Ottawa.

In my opinion, to start the decolonization of our people, the first thing we have to do is to get rid of the Indian Act and Indian Affairs and replace it with a new relationship with Canada that will honor our Sovereignty, our Inherent rights, and the Indian Treaties our ancestors signed over 140 years ago.

To that end, we must continue our fight with the government of Canada regarding the Treaty and inherent rights of our grandchildren and future KCN generations. It’s our responsibility.

Ekosi !