Letter send to Minister Bennet re Nation to Nation Negotiation Process - Dec 12 2016

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Kaministikominahiko-skak Cree Nation
Sub Office-304D, 1401-28 th St. E.
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, S6V6Z8

December 12, 2016

The Honorable Doctor Carolyn Bennett, P.C. M.P
Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs
House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Fax: 613-947-4622

A Proposal to Establish a
Nation to Nation Negotiation Process

for Kaministikominahiko-skak Cree Nation (KCN) People

Dear Minister Bennett,
The Kaministikominahiko-skak Cree Nation (KCN) is a sovereign nation and was
signatory to Indian Treaty 5 in Cumberland House which is situated 200 miles northeast
of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

In 1876 an Indian Treaty agreement was signed by John Cochrane (Chief) on behalf of
the different groups of Swampy Cree people living in the region of Cumberland House.
Research shows that instead of recognizing each of the bands as a separate and
distinct Cree Nations the government decided to forcibly amalgamate them under “The
Cumberland Band of Indians”.

This forcible amalgamation of other Treaty First Nations happened in Western Canada.
However shortly after the treaty signing, these Bands were de-amalgamated and the
government recognized them as separate distinct nations under Indian Treaty 5.

However, in our case the de-amalgamation never happened and government has
refused to recognize us a Treaty 5 Nation. Our people see this injustice as unfinished
Treaty 5 business. In fact, KCN people have been waiting over 140 years for the
Canadian government to take action on this unfinished Treaty business

Therefore, in the spirit of our Prime Minister’s (Justin Trudeau) commitment to negotiate
outstanding land claims and unfinished treaty business on a nation to nation basis we
are recommending that the federal government establish a Nation to Nation Negotiation
Process to deal with the recognition of our inherent rights and unfinished Treaty 5

Since the KCN people do not qualify for the federal governments existing Indian Act
processes and programs for settling land claims, our first priority is to de-amalgamate
our Nation from the Treaty 5 Adhesion- Cumberland Band of Indians. We also want
federal recognition as a Treaty Nation who was signatory to Treaty 5 at Cumberland

In addition, we want the nation to nation negotiations based on Treaty and not the
Indian Act. As well, we are requesting operational funding for KCN including legal and
research funding.

For follow up, we want Indigenous Affairs to designate immediately a contact person for
all correspondence. Secondly, set up a meeting for early January to sign a
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or a Framework Agreement which commits to
the nation to nation and Treaty Rights negotiations with the KCN people.

In addition, we want Indigenous Affairs to provide all current federal government
research documents for review by KCN/Chief/Council/Elders, etc. regarding the
amalgamation of the Cumberland Band of Indians. We also want documents related to
Treaty 5 Signing, Order in Councils, land surrenders at Cumberland Island, Pemmican
Portage, Budd’s Point, Birch River, 100A (Fort a la Corne), and other requested
documents related to the Cumberland Band of Indians.

In closing, we believe that the proposed Treaty 5 Nation to Nation Negotiation Process
is a crucial step for resolving issues related to unfinished treaty 5 business which can
lead to the reconciliation between the federal government and the KCN people.
If you have any questions I can be reached at 1 (306) 970-4453

Chief John Dorion
Kaministikominahiko-skak Cree Nation