JCFN Motion Removed From Agenda of FSIN Chiefs Fall Assembly

Submitted by john.dorion on Sat, 11/14/2009 - 04:34

FSIN Removes John Cochrane Motion From Agenda
Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 13:36

A Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations senator says there was a violation at the FSIN's legislative assembly in Saskatoon today when an item was removed from the agenda by amendment.

The John Cochrane First Nation was seeking membership into the FSIN, but that resolution was removed from the agenda.

Senator Sol Sanderson says there is a process followed to put an item on the agenda in the first place.

He says it is vetted through the Senate, which is to ensure there are checks and balances.

Earlier this week, the Cumberland House Cree Nation convinced delegates at the Prince Albert Grand Council's fall assembly to vote unanimously in favour of removing the item from the FSIN assembly agenda.

Cumberland House officials have said they're worried such recognition by the FSIN will eventually lead to a loss of some of their federal funding to the fledgling band.

A delegation from John Cochrane travelled to be at today's assembly, including its chief, John Dorion.

He says his band followed the necessary steps by making a presentation to the FSIN Senate.

Dorion says he felt today's amendment to remove the resolution was disrespectful to the Senate and he's disappointed by it.

He says his band doesn't want money from other bands, but just wants recognition from Ottawa.