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Editorial comments by Armand Dorion
Member of the John Cochrane First Nation - Kaministikominahiko-skak Cree Nation

European Boat People Invade North America
Over 400 hundred years ago the European’s began their occupation of this country. Landing on the eastern shores, they made their way across the lands laying claim to all they set foot on leaving a bloody path of destruction in their wake.

With blatant disregard for the Original Peoples of the land, they cleared the land of “filthy savages” to make way for the “promise land” for their people.

European’s Black Plague
With malicious intent the Europeans executed a plan of bioterrorism, starvation and outright murder as the government of the day crafted solutions to the “Indian problem” in North America.

Bioterrorism attacks - European diseases planted in blankets intended as gifts of “good will” to the Original Peoples.

Starvation – Enforcement of European laws disguised as treaty rights in the Indian Act prohibited century’s old life sustaining traditions of hunting and gathering.

Murder – Cash rewards for European bounty hunters (hit men). Proof of payment? The scalps of the Original People. Scalping is a European tradition!

Conquered People Do Not Make Treaty
Would you make a treaty with your enemies? What would you do to save your people from extinction? The Europeans were on a mission to conquer and remove the Red Man from the face of Mother Earth.

IF you knew the only way for your people to survive was to surrender - would you? This is what the Wise Ones, Leaders and Warriors of the day had to do to keep the Original People in existence on Mother Earth. They had no other choice for survival. They made agreements with the White Man.

They negotiated for the survival of the Original Peoples of North America. And it was out of respect for Our Creator and in good faith that our Ancestors agreed to surrender and to make “treaties” for a peaceful existence.

These agreements were to last as long as the grass is green, the rivers flow and the sun shines.

North American Aboriginal Immigration Laws Not Tight Enough!
The Original Peoples of Canada had no control over who came to this land. The Europeans came to North America and were welcomed by the Original Peoples. They survived our harsh and deadly seasons because they were shown how to survive ... their people would have perished if the Original Peoples had not shown them pity and kindness.

Now their descendants are raping Mother Earth - Turtle Island. And because they make the laws it is allowed! Harper’s Conservatives are the worst offenders for being allowed to rape our Mother while the rest of the world watches!

Canada and the United States punishes victims of Cultural Genocide
Original Peoples of North America receive no seats in parliament only because the number of voters has been depleted to an unbelievably low population and are being replaced by higher numbers of immigrants for power and control of land and resources.
If we were to get 50% of the seats in parliament (equal representation), would all non-original peoples of North America go back to their homelands?

Trillions of Dollars Go Into Government Coffers
Resources – uranium, diamonds, gold, oil, natural gas and potash.
The Original Peoples only receive pennies (trinkets) and are forced to live in poverty and squalor while Harper and his Finance Minister travel the world bragging about how their finances are the “world’s best managed”.

Shouldn’t it be the Harper Government who is put into third party management instead of trying to punish the Aboriginal People of Canada?

As the Harper government back peddles and throws a few pennies at homeless people ... all Canadians should be on alert! Don’t be fooled by their many faces! When push comes to shove they will throw you to the wolves too! When the financial world collapses do you really think they will feel for the average Canadian?

Here is what they will say “we warned you to watch your house hold debt ... we can’t be responsible for what the ordinary Canadian decides to do! It is your own fault you are homeless!” AND Harper will get one by you “with a little help from his friends”!!!

Then you will know what is like to be raped!

Prime Minister Steven Harper and Aboriginal (Indian) Affairs Minister Incompetent!
North American governments are content to meddle in the disputes of other countries and rescue the conquered original peoples from “their” government’s dictatorship – claiming they stand up for human rights, freedoms and democracy! How two-faced! Talk about speaking with fork tongues!

“Look at us” they boast “We are a model for the rest of the world to follow. We have a just and fair society where everyone has an opportunity to live the North American dream”. NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard!! The blatant hypocrisy is so enormous it is almost laughable! Ridiculous becomes hilarious!!

Yet when the world’s attention is even remotely drawn to their back yard – case in point the Attawapiskat crisis and the recent alert sent to the United Nations – the Aboriginal (Indian) Affairs Minister is quick to refute. The tone of defensiveness (perhaps suppressed panic?) in a recent statement not lost on those of us who are closely watching and wondering how the federal government will try to wiggle their way out of yet another national disgrace. Their dirty laundry is about to be hung out for the world to see!!!

Perhaps they are thinking the Christmas holiday season will distract the average (multi-cultural) Canadian? A real possibility as the attention span of the Canadian public for the demise of Canadian Aboriginal peoples appears to be an attention deficit!

NIMBY – strikes again with the blame game of government coffers! Who is to blame for this “situation”? Just another “Indian problem”?

When it comes to the plight of Canadian Aboriginal Peoples, the Harper Regime prefer to sit in their fancy warm houses and offices with their padded bank accounts, prophesising how the country should be run and unilaterally deciding how to make laws to govern the Red Man.

Even their ancestors were smart enough to go and meet and sign treaties with the Original Peoples of our country.

Oh and by the way ... We do have running water! We have to run for our water to the nearest well or river!

Check out the Canadian Human Rights Commission – Can they walk the talk? Or is a case of hoof in mouth disease?
The 1993 Vienna Declaration of the World Conference on Human Rights affirmed:

“All human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent and interrelated. The international community must treat human rights globally in a fair and equal manner, on the same footing, and with the same emphasis.
The Declaration goes on to recognize "the inherent dignity and the unique contribution of indigenous people to the development and plurality of society" and to specify that:
Considering the importance of the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous people, and the contribution of such promotion and protection to the political and social stability of the States in which such people live, States should, in accordance with international law, take concerted positive steps to ensure respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, on the basis of equality and non-discrimination, and recognize the value and diversity of their distinct identities, cultures and social organization.”

Do You Know What is Going ON in Your Back Yard????